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New Header Images

You may have noticed that the Pegasus Pulp site has a collection of new header images. There are six new header images altogether and they rotate randomly using this plug-in. There may be more images in the future, when the … Continue reading

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Holding Back the Flood of Spam

Comment spam has been increasingly problematic for WordPress blogs. In the past few weeks, I have been getting twenty to thirty spam comments per hour. Users mostly never see them, but scanning through and deleting the spam comments (important, because … Continue reading

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Just a Test

Just testing a new anti-spam plug-in over at my personal site. Send to Kindle

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Booktrailers are back

Okay, so this was quick. The Videos page is back, since I figured out how to upload my two surviving xtranormal trailers to YouTube. In the meantime, I also seem to have acquired a YouTube channel of my own. My … Continue reading

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Booktrailers gone

You may have noticed that the “Videos and Booktrailers” page is gone. I deleted the page, since xtranormal, the 3D animation service I used to make the trailers, has suspended operations as of July 31. I only noticed this because … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp e-books now available at Amazon Canada, a bestseller and November sales figures

Amazon really seems to be on a roll and just opened yet another new Kindle store in Canada. This really would appear to be a no-brainer, but apparently not. At any rate, Canadian readers can now buy all Pegasus Pulp … Continue reading

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Introducing our site redesign and a new story: The Apocalypse Protocol

You may have noticed some changes to the site, because with our growing backlist (13 e-books and counting), the old books page was getting crowded. Hence, I now have a new books page with links to genre pages, which in … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora and a Price Drop

Historical fiction writer J.R. Tomlin interviewed me on her blog. Come on over and visit. J.R. Tomlin writes well researched historical novels set in Scotland (which is a rarity in this age of pseudo-historical kilt-rippers) as well as epic fantasy, … Continue reading

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Indie publishing, traditional publishing or both?

First of all, a brief housekeeping note. I have added links to the dedicated e-book pages on the bibliography page, because I noticed that a lot of visitors only click on the bibliography and not on the e-book pages. This … Continue reading

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The Header Image Explained

In case anybody is curious about the header image, it is photograph of a bookshelf in my parents’ living room. I picked the photo for the vintage bookclub editions with their ornamented leather spines, which simply look a lot prettier … Continue reading

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