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Our E-Book Pricing Policy

At Dear Author, Jane Litte goes into the ever contentious subject of e-book pricing and points out that limited time free or 99 cent promotional prices can backfire or are at least not nearly as effective as they once were. … Continue reading

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A Note to Our Australian Readers

Yesterday, Amazon opened a Kindle store in Australia. This is good news for Australian readers and for Australian writers like Andrea K. Höst, Patty Jansen, C.J. Archer and David Adams, who can now get paid via EFT rather than the … Continue reading

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The German Fixed Book Price Agreement

Today, someone at the Kindleboards pointed out an extensive article about the rise of Amazon at the US political magazine The Nation. It’s a good article, but while I was at The Nation site, something else caught my eye, namely … Continue reading

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Cora is interviewed – again, The Guardian is stupid on e-books – again – and people are discussing e-book prices and KDP Select – again

First of all, I’m interviewed by singer/songwriter and novelist Marie Symeou on her blog today. Come on over and say hello. The Guardian is being stupid on e-books – again – at least as evidenced by this article by Antonia … Continue reading

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More on KDP Select and Pricing

I already explained my stand on Amazon’s KDP Select program, which demands exclusivity from indie authors in exchange for participation in a US-only lending library program and five free promotion days. The short version is: No way will I participate … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora and a Price Drop

Historical fiction writer J.R. Tomlin interviewed me on her blog. Come on over and visit. J.R. Tomlin writes well researched historical novels set in Scotland (which is a rarity in this age of pseudo-historical kilt-rippers) as well as epic fantasy, … Continue reading

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Hurray for Luxembourg, Cora looks at e-readers and Barnes & Noble wakes up

I found myself at a local branch of the electronics chain Media Markt today. Mostly I was there because my Dad wanted to look at pricey Italian coffeemakers. But I also got a chance to look at the e-readers they … Continue reading

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Why the e-book revolution is still mainly a western phenomenon

At the Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, Mark Williams, one half of the Saffina Desforges writing team, explains why 99 cent e-books often cost considerably more outside the US, namely because of the 15% VAT in the EU and the two … Continue reading

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Why we still need print books and mass market paperbacks

First of all, writer Richard Parks takes on the eternal issue of e-book pricing. Basically, he believes that “professional” e-books will remain expensive, because publishers have expenses. Fantasy writer Seanan McGuire addresses an issue that is all too often forgotten … Continue reading

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New Discussions of Eternal Topics

The latest doom and gloom article comes to you courtesy the New York Times. This time around, it’s not publishing itself or the print book that’s declared dead but the mass market paperback. If mass market paperbacks were actually to … Continue reading

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