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Cora is interviewed and talks about zombies

Today, I’ve been interviewed by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell, authors of the Red Dust series of zombie tales. We talk a bit about writing and I share my contingency plan for a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, which involves this potential … Continue reading

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New Release: Payback Time

Well, to be honest it’s not such a new release after all. Instead, this is yet another standalone release of two of the crime shorts found in Murder in the Family for those who don’t want the whole collection. Payback … Continue reading

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The Great Indie Publishing War of 2013

It all started at Salon, when a writer called John Winters stated that he was a self-publishing failure and also likened self-publishing to masturbation, which naturally did not go down all that well with many indie writers. Never mind that … Continue reading

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Another author interview

Today I am interviewed by fantasy writer Scott Marlowe at his blog. We talk about writing, inspiration, ideal readers, sockpuppets and whether the review system is broken. So come on over and say “hello”. If you want to read previous … Continue reading

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Indies Ante Portas or The Real Shocker about this Year’s Awards Nominations

In the past few days, the online SFF community has been ablaze with debates and discussions about the various genre awards, most notably the Hugos and the Clarke Award. I got into the frey, mainly by linking to other people’s … Continue reading

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