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Indie publishing, traditional publishing or both?

First of all, a brief housekeeping note. I have added links to the dedicated e-book pages on the bibliography page, because I noticed that a lot of visitors only click on the bibliography and not on the e-book pages. This … Continue reading

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Introducing the Silencer

Pegasus Pulp is pleased to announce our latest e-book. This time around we even have proper neo-pulp fiction for you, because Countdown to Death is the first installment in a series of novelettes starring the Silencer, a masked avenger in … Continue reading

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The Pricing Issue

Zoe Winters speaks out against pricing all e-books regardless of length at 99 cents. I very much agree with her. 99 cents is a great price for short stories and for limited promotions. But permanently selling a novella or even … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing Cheer and Indie Publishing Gloom and Doom

Indie Publishing Cheer: The latest sacred cow of publishing slain by Dean Wesley Smith is the myth that you cannot make money writing fiction. Because you can, via what Dean Wesley Smith calls the “magic bakery”, that is your entire … Continue reading

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Sunday Indie Publishing Links

Chuck Wendig takes on indie publishing and the trials and tribulations facing the modern day writer. I must say I rather like his term “micro-pub”, though I’ll stick with “indie publishing” for now. By the way, the first time I … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp e-books now available at XinXii

In addition to, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany, Pegasus Pulp e-books are now also available at XinXii. What is XinXii? XinXii is a European e-book retailer based in Germany. They’re still fairly new, but growing. Unlike the various Amazons, … Continue reading

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“He is certainly very determined – not”

I’ve chosen the next story to be republished by Pegasus Pulp. This time, it is the first of my stories about the Silencer, a 1930s style pulp vigilante hero. There are three complete Silencer stories all in all, one of … Continue reading

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Amazon’s e-book pricing hurts international customers

David Gaughran, an Irish indie author living in Sweden, offers this must-read post about Amazon adding a two dollar surcharge for international e-book customers. This two dollar surcharge applies to e-books purchased in all countries except the USA, UK, Canada, … Continue reading

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Cora becomes internet famous – and some indie publishing links

My main blog at experience a huge visitor avalanche and got as many views in two days (and one of those days is not yet half over) as in the previous three months. The reason why is explained here … Continue reading

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Indie publishing links for the weekend

Shape No. 8, the latest Pegasus Pulp e-book, launched yesterday, so check it out. And now for some indie publishing links: Dean Wesley Smith also responds to that Wall Street Journal article and also dispells the myth that a traditionally … Continue reading

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