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Bundles collecting several of our e-books at a reduced price. Available only at DriveThruFiction.

Shattered Empire
Shattered Empire BundleIn the far future, humanity has spread out across the universe, colonised every corner of the galaxy and formed the Fifth Human Empire. It should have been an age of greatness and glory, the pinnacle of human achievement. But instead it was an age of misery and injustice, an age where the wealth of humanity was concentrated in the hands of a small clique of aristocrats and corporations, an age where freedom only meant the freedom to starve, an age where the Empire stood not for peace and justice but only for fear. Until one day, a scattered band of rebels came together to overthrow the Fifth Human Empire. These are their stories.


Buy it for only 5.99 USD, down from 9.96 USD, at DriveThruFiction.

Damsels in Distress
Cover Damsels in Distress bundle Six historical tales about maidens in peril. From medieval France to the Old West, from the Spanish Main to Napoleonic Spain, from Czarist Russia to the Ottoman Empire, read how beautiful and courageous young women escape hangmen and torturers and sometimes find true love as well. Includes:

Buy it for only 6.99 USD, down from 12.93 USD, at DriveThruFiction.

Tales of the Silencer
Cover Silencer Bundle Hardworking pulp writer by day and steel-masked vigilante by night, the Silencer fights larger than life villains and keeps Depression era New York City safe from criminal low-lives in these high octane adventure novelettes.

All the pulpy retro adventures of the Silencer available in one handy bundle. Includes:

.Buy it for only 6.99 USD, down from 13.94 USD, at DriveThruFiction.

The Helen Shepherd Mysteries Bundle
Helen Shepherd BundleDetective Inspector Helen Shepherd of the Metropolitan Police has never been one to accept things at face value. And ten years on the force have taught her that few cases are as cut and dry as they seem at first glance.
Together with her assistant Police Constable Kevin Walker and the medical examiner Dr. Rajiv, Helen follows up every clue to resolve even the most complicated of cases.


Buy it for only 5.99 USD, down from 11.94 USD, at DriveThruFiction.

Arr, Matey! Pirate Bundle
Arr, Matey! Pirate Bundle cover Three tales of piracy and adventure on the high seas.

Avast, me luvvies, you need to read those!


Buy it for only 2.99 USD, down from 4.97 USD, at DriveThruFiction.

Happy Holidays Bundle
Happy Holidays BundleThree seasonal tales


Buy it for only 2.99 USD, down from 4.97 USD, at DriveThruFiction.



Sixties Spy Fiction Bundle
Spy Fiction BundleZebediah “Zane” Smith is an eccentric American billionaire with a taste for adventure. Shoushan Kariyan is a beautiful KGB spy also known as “the Dark Lily”. Together, they travel the world and kick arse in the swinging sixties.




Buy it for only 3.99 USD, down from 5.98 USD, at DriveThruFiction.

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