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More on the New Pulp Fiction

The New Pulp Fiction discussion (my previous two entries can be found here and here) is still going on. At Do Some Damage, Brian Lindenmuth divides the new pulp fictioneers into two camps, one camp which writes new stories in … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp e-books now available at Kobo

Canadian e-book retailer Kobo finally opened its Writing Life portal to the public today, which means that you can now buy all of my e-books at Kobo as well. So if you own a Kobo e-reader, want to avoid the … Continue reading

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The New Pulp Fiction

About one and a half months ago, I wrote a post comparing the rise of indie publishing with the age of the pulps in the first half of the 20th century, since both eras were characterized by the writing and … Continue reading

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New Release: Under the Knout

I have certainly been busy, for barely a week after the last one, I have another new old story available. It’s called Under the Knout and is the second to last of the stories I wrote for Man’s Story 2. … Continue reading

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A Kindle at the Bachmann Prize

At the moment, the Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur (Days of German Language Literature) are going on in the city of Klagenfurt in Austria, where they will conclude with the awarding of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize tomorrow. Basically, the Bachmann Prize … Continue reading

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Charles Stross is wise on e-books – and a free book

Charles Stross has an interesting post about how e-books are not like print books and how those differences can and do affect marketing and reader tastes. I don’t agree with everything he says – e.g. I find the idea of … Continue reading

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Our One Year Anniversary

July 3 marks the first anniversary of Pegasus Pulp Books, because we opened our doors for business exactly one year ago with three titles for sale. One year later, the list of books for sale has grown to seventeen, all … Continue reading

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June sales figures and my local library discovers e-books

Every month, I get the newsletter of the Bremen house of literature, announcing readings, book launches and other literary events in the city of Bremen. In the current edition of the newsletter, the following item caught my eye: An information … Continue reading

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