The Crappiest Christmas Ever

The Crappiest Christmas Ever by Cora BuhlertJessica is having the worst Christmas ever, when her parents announce that they are getting a divorce two days before the holidays.

Stuck on her own with no home to go to, Jessica heads for the mall to buy a Christmas tree for herself. Here she meets Matt, who sells Christmas trees and is having a really awful Christmas himself.

Matt and Jessica bond over their shared pain and also manage to make each other laugh. So maybe, this won’t be the worst Christmas ever after all…

This is a short and sweet holiday romance of 12000 words or approximately 40 print pages.

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More information:

  • The Crappiest Christmas Ever is a short and sweet holiday romance of approx. 12000 words. This story is a digital premiere and has never been published previously.
  • The initial inspiration for this story was driving past a Christmas tree lot on the parking lot of a DIY store and thinking, “A Christmas tree might make a good setting for a holiday romance.” Then I wondered why someone might decide to buy a Christmas tree on the day before Christmas. The story grew from there.
  • The Crappiest Christmas Ever is the third short holiday romance set mainly in a shopping mall just before Christmas that I’ve written. The other two are Christmas Gifts and Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart. And since I had three holiday stories set in and around a mall, I wondered, “Why not make it the same mall?” And so the series Christmas at Hickory Ridge Mall was born.
  • All three Hickory Ridge stories stand alone, but there is another link between the stories apart from the mall, since the protagonists all end up at the same coffee shop at some point in their respective stories. Furthermore, the barista on duty is always the same person, a Pakistani student of mathematics named Mohammad. He’s mainly a walk-on character in the first two stories, but in The Crappiest Christmas Ever he has a more substantial part, because he spends a scene chatting with the male protagonist Matt, since the two of them are friends.
  • Another link is that Matt notes a dark red stain that looks like blood on the floor near the entrance of Hickory Ridge Mall. The story behind that stain – which is not blood, by the way, but a mix of red cabbage and cranberry sauce – and how it came about are told in Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart.
  • The chapter titles are all named after various holiday songs.
  • The cover is stock art by Undrey.
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