Kiss of Ice

Kiss of Ice by Cora BuhlertThe Winter Knight is sent out to execute the Ice Maiden who has already killed countless men. So far, none of those sent to bring the Maiden to justice have ever returned. But the Knight is confident that he will succeed where they failed, for he is protected by powerful magic.

When the Winter Knight finally reaches the castle of the Ice Maiden, she is strangely calm in the face of death and does not even try to resist. But has the Winter Knight truly succeeded where so many before him have failed or does the Ice Maiden still have a trick or two up her sleeve?


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Some background information:

  • Kiss of Ice is a short story of 4700 words. This story is a digital premiere and has never been published previously.
  • The story was inspired by coming across this piece of stock art of a knight facing off against an ice witch, while searching for something else. The image caught my eye and I found myself wondering how this confrontation had come about and what the outcome would be. So Kiss of Ice was born.
  • Kiss of Ice is very much in the tradition of fairytales, hence none of the characters have names. Though it is a rather dark story, closer to the original uncensored versions of Grimm’s fairytales than to the Disneyfied versions most people in the Western world will be familiar with.
  • Even though Kiss of Ice was directly inspired by a piece of stock art, I eventually ended up using a different piece of stock art for the cover. But this image of a snow queen by Atelier Summerland was simply too beautiful to resist.
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