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Of Penny Dreadfuls and Moral Panics

The Guardian has an article about the so-called penny dreadfuls, cheap serialized novels of the Victorian era, inspired by the success of the eponymous TV series (which I haven’t yet seen, hence no comment). I usually don’t remember where and … Continue reading

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Indies take all top ten spots at Amazon Germany

The German blog Self-Publisher-Bibel (title says it all, really) reports that on January 29, 2014 all top ten spots in the German Kindle store were taken by indie books and has a screenshot to prove it. The first trad pub … Continue reading

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Interview with Science Fiction Writer Edward M. Grant

Today I welcome science fiction author Edward M. Grant to my blog. Edward has been kind enough to answer a few questions for me. 1. Tell us a bit about yourself. I grew up in Britain and studied Physics at … Continue reading

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Ideological book formatting and the NDR discovers e-books

First of all, I was interviewed today by erotic romance writer Clarissa Wild, so come on over and say hello. Here is a cautionary tale about hiring external help to bring your e-book to market. The religion-critical site Pantheos reports … Continue reading

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Interview with Writer K.S. Augustin a.k.a. Cara d’Bastian

Today, I continue our irregular series of interviews with international indie writers and welcome K.S. Augustin a.k.a. Cara d’Bastian to the Pegasus Pulp blog. K.S. Augustin’s indie publishing venture Sandal Press celebrates its second anniversary in August. 1. Tell us … Continue reading

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Do we have a New Pulp Fiction and do we need one?

Last year, I wrote a trio of posts about the resurgence of pulp fiction and the “anything goes” spirit of the pulp era thanks to the electronic publishing revolution. You can find them here, here and here. Now the New … Continue reading

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Mixed E-Book Links of Interest

For starters, the indie versus trad publishing or maybe both debate is still going on (and will probably be for a while yet). SF writer Tobias Buckell cautions writers eager to jump into indie publishing that the big successes like … Continue reading

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The Great Indie Publishing War of 2013

It all started at Salon, when a writer called John Winters stated that he was a self-publishing failure and also likened self-publishing to masturbation, which naturally did not go down all that well with many indie writers. Never mind that … Continue reading

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Indies Ante Portas or The Real Shocker about this Year’s Awards Nominations

In the past few days, the online SFF community has been ablaze with debates and discussions about the various genre awards, most notably the Hugos and the Clarke Award. I got into the frey, mainly by linking to other people’s … Continue reading

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German TV discovers indie publishing – and some sales figures

The Frankfurt Book Fair is taking place at the moment, so the amount of literature coverage on TV has gone up as well. As in previous years, e-books and e-readers are a hot topic of discussion. Tonight I chanced to … Continue reading

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