Thirty Years to Life

Thirty Years to LifeThirty years ago Jimmy Donnelly was sent to prison. Now he’s free again and eager to finally avenge himself on Detective Charles Maryham, the man who put him behind bars. And then there’s Maryham’s beautiful wife Carla, the subject of many of Jimmy’s wet dreams back in prison.
But thirty years is a long time. And sometimes, it’s too late for vengeance.




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More information:

  • Thirty Years to Life is a short story of 3700 words. This story is also available as part of the collection Murder in the Family along with seven other short crime stories.
  • Thirty Years to Life is among the oldest of my published stories. Unfortunately, I have no memory of the inspiration that prompted me to write it. In fact, I had completely forgotten about the story until I came upon it among some old files.
  • The cover image is a stock photo by Miguel Saavedra depicting a barb wire fence and watchtower.
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