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The Book is Dying… Again – Doom and Gloom at the Guardian

Ewan Morrison, who proclaimed the death of the book as we know it six months ago, is back at the Guardian. Since the book steadfastly refuses to die, Morrison is now declaring electronic self-publishing a bubble that will burst any … Continue reading

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Introducing our site redesign and a new story: The Apocalypse Protocol

You may have noticed some changes to the site, because with our growing backlist (13 e-books and counting), the old books page was getting crowded. Hence, I now have a new books page with links to genre pages, which in … Continue reading

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Cora testdrives a Kindle, compares the relative merits of different e-readers and hits a bestseller list.

A few days ago, I was at Staples, because I needed some ink cartridges for my printer. By the entrance I noticed a sign: Amazon’s Kindle e-readers now available at Staples for only 99 Euros. Intrigued, I went in search … Continue reading

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The Debate That Would Not Die: iBooks Author, KDP Select and Exclusivity

Apple’s e-book related event in New York today turned out to be mainly about textbooks and educational publishing. Definitely a lucrative market for them to get into, but not really of any relevance to the indie writer. Besides, as Passive … Continue reading

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International Bookselling News

Publishing Perspectives has two interesting articles about the book and e-book market today: First the positive: Amazon is apparently getting ready to launch a Brazilian Kindle store later this year. According to the article, e-books are only 0.5 percent of … Continue reading

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The Guardian discovers Indie Publishing

The Guardian has run two articles on indie publishing this week. The first is a profile of Amanda Hocking to tie in with the upcoming paperback release of her novel Switched in the US and UK. Amanda Hocking’s story has … Continue reading

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Another interview with Cora and some indie publishing links for the weekend

First of all, I am interviewed at the Indie Book Lounge today. Come on over and check it out. If you want to read some of my past interviews, they are archived at the Interviews page. There have also been … Continue reading

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E-Book and Indie Publishing Perspectives from the Mainstream Media

With e-book sales having gone up over the holidays, there have also been a couple of new articles on the rise of e-books and indie publishing in mainstream news outlets: The venerable BBC has discovered the indie publishing phenomenon and … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promo Post

First of all, you may have noticed that both this blog and the blog at my main site are now equipped with a widget where you can sign up for my e-mail newsletter. Because received marketing wisdom says that an … Continue reading

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More on KDP Select and Pricing

I already explained my stand on Amazon’s KDP Select program, which demands exclusivity from indie authors in exchange for participation in a US-only lending library program and five free promotion days. The short version is: No way will I participate … Continue reading

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