An Interview with Cora and a Price Drop

Historical fiction writer J.R. Tomlin interviewed me on her blog. Come on over and visit. J.R. Tomlin writes well researched historical novels set in Scotland (which is a rarity in this age of pseudo-historical kilt-rippers) as well as epic fantasy, so check out her work.

I’ve also added an interview page to the site, where past interviews with me are archived. So far, I have only two, but there are more coming in the near future.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that the prices for Pegasus Pulp e-books have changed at Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain.

The reason for these price drops is that Luxembourg, where Amazon Europe is headquartered, has dropped the VAT charged on e-books from 15% to 3% effective from January 1, 2012, on. Apparently, the price changes take some time to radiate through all the hundred of thousands of e-books available at the various European Amazons, so some books are still showing the old higher price. So if you’re in the Amazon UK, Germany, France, Italy or Spain territories and have your eye on one of my books, I’d suggest you wait until the prices of all books have been lowered.

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