Frequently Asked Questions

    • So who are you anyway?

My name is Cora Buhlert and I was born in Bremen in North Germany, where I still live today. I have an MA degree in English from the University of Bremen, I teach English at a local highschool and work as a technical translator. I also write fiction.

    • Why “Pegasus”?

Because there is a Pegasus on the Buhlert family crest. Besides, the Pegasus is associated with the muses in Greek mythology.

    • Why “Pulp”?

Because I’ve always had a lot of admiration for the pulp writers of the first half of the twentieth century. They wrote incredibly fast, often under not very good conditions, in any genre imaginable. And while a lot of what they produced was crap, the best of the pulp era is still reprinted and read seventy or eighty years later. Not bad for disposable entertainment.
What is more, I feel that this new frontier of digital publishing has a lot in common with the heyday of the pulps in the 1920s to 1950s. Suddenly, it’s possible to write at any length, in any genre and perhaps even to create new genres without having to worry about the marketing concerns of the big publishing companies. Plus, digital publishing is fast, writing, polishing and publishing can be done in a matter of days or weeks.

    • Why do you self-publish? Couldn’t you find a “proper” publisher?

A lot of the stories I will be offering here at Pegasus Pulp were already published in magazines that are long out of print now. Other pieces are difficult to market for whatever reason, e.g. novellas of around 20000 words which are very hard to sell to traditional publishing. Plus, every previously unpublished piece that I will put up under the Pegasus Pulp banner has already garnered several “good” rejections and positive opinions from first readers who are not my mother (not that she reads my fiction anyway). So you don’t have to worry about buying the drecks from the bottom of the metaphorical trunk.
What is more, I don’t see indie versus traditional or digital versus print publishing as either/or questions. Hence, I will still seek traditional publishing for novels and new short fiction.

    • Do you expect to get rich with this?

To be honest, not really. Though it would be nice.
What I really want is to bring my older short stories and pieces that are unmarketable for whatever reasons back into the limelight and maybe earn some money in the process. Because whatever I earn with this is more than those stories would have earned, if I had let them languish on my hard drive or in out of print magazines.

    • So what sort of fiction can we expect to find here?

Pretty much the full range of genre fiction, that is crime, suspense, romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, historical fiction, adventure. I even have a western in the pipeline.

    • Do you only publish e-books or can we expect print books as well?

So far, Pegasus Pulp only offers e-books. A lot of our books are short stories and novellas, i.e. lengths which are not very well suited for print publication. However, if there is sufficient demand, POD books may be coming in the future.

    • I want to read one of your books, but I don’t have an e-book reader. What should I do?

Simple. Go on the internet and download one of the many free e-reader applications (e.g. Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc…) for your PC or mobile device of your choice.

    • Why can’t we buy your books at iBooks, Smashwords, Diesel, Sony, insert retailer of your choice here?

Because at the moment, these retailers are either difficult to work with for someone not based in the US or have formatting, quality or pricing issues.
It is our aim to offer Pegasus Pulp books in as many venues and formats as possible. A full list of all retailers where our books are available so far may be found here. And more outlets and formats are coming in the future. Give us time.

    • Are your books only available in English or in other languages as well?

The majority of our books is only available in English for the time being. However, we also offer selected Pegasus Pulp e-books in German translation.

    • Why are your e-books priced the way they are?

Because I want to make a bit of money for the work I put into preparing these e-books.
Anyway, Pegasus Pulp e-books are priced roughly as follows:
Short stories under 7500 words: 99 cents US
Novelettes between 7500 and 18000 words: 2.99 US dollars
Novellas between 18000 and 60000 words: 3.99 US dollars
Anything above 60000 words: 4.99 US dollars

    • Do you accept submissions?

Nope, sorry. We’re a small publisher and for the moment, Pegasus Pulp is only intended for my own books as well as for those of close friends and writer pals.

    • I want to review one of your books. May I have a review copy?

Sure. Drop me a line and tell me what format you prefer. And please include a link to your blog, website or other review outlet.

Diese Seite gibt es auch auf Deutsch.

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