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Aldi does e-books

The name Aldi has long been synonymous with discount groceries, both in Germany and abroad. However, Aldi‘s activities have long since expanded into other fields. For example, Aldi is the 8th biggest clothing retailer in Germany and is a big … Continue reading

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International Bookselling News

Publishing Perspectives has two interesting articles about the book and e-book market today: First the positive: Amazon is apparently getting ready to launch a Brazilian Kindle store later this year. According to the article, e-books are only 0.5 percent of … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora and a Price Drop

Historical fiction writer J.R. Tomlin interviewed me on her blog. Come on over and visit. J.R. Tomlin writes well researched historical novels set in Scotland (which is a rarity in this age of pseudo-historical kilt-rippers) as well as epic fantasy, … Continue reading

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