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An Interview and Two Links

First of all, I’m interviewed by Debra L. Martin and David W. Small at Two Ends of the Pen today. Most e-publishing discussions at the moment seem to focus on the whole US Department of Justice versus Apple and five … Continue reading

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Another Interview with Cora and why e-books don’t do well in Germany

First of all, I am interviewed by Scarlett Rugers at 1001 First Lines today, so come on over and say hello. I also interviewed Scarlett on my blog last month, just in case you didn’t see it. Meanwhile, Bloomberg Businessweek … Continue reading

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Treasures from the Trunk: Resurrecting Dead Stories

One of the best things about going indie is that it has made writing a lot more fun again, because it means that I am not constantly worrying about whether there is a market for any given story or nascent … Continue reading

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Not a New Story but a New Cover and Title: Courier Duty

I’ve revamped the short story formerly known as Shape No. 8, because it steadfastly refused to sell even a single copy in six months in its previous form. I strongly suspect that the original cover (which you can see here) … Continue reading

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March 2012 e-book sales figures and a couple of neat links

First of all, I’ve been interviewed by writer Jess C. Scott at her site. What is more, a new month has begun, which means that it’s time for the monthly sales figures. In March, e-book sales picked up a little … Continue reading

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New Release: Seraglio

No, this is not an April’s Fool joke, I really have a new novelette available. I actually planned to announce it yesterday, but Amazon was slow to make it available. This story is called Seraglio and it’s another of the … Continue reading

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