Series in Order

Here is an overview of all series in the intended reading order:

In Love and War

  1. Dreaming of the Stars
  2. Baptism of Fire
  3. Graveyard Shift
  4. Freedom’s Horizon
  5. Courting Trouble
  6. Bullet Holes
  7. Dead World
  8. Double-Cross

Shattered Empire:

  1. Conspirators
  2. Mercy Mission
  3. Seedlings
  4. History Lesson
  5. Debts to Pay
  6. Partners in Crime

The Silencer

  1. Countdown to Death
  2. Flying Bombs
  3. The Spiked Death
  4. Elevator of Doom
  5. The Great Fraud
  6. Mean Streets and Dead Alleys
  7. Fact or Fiction
  8. St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen
  9. The Milk Truck Gang

The Helen Shepherd Mysteries:

  1. The Cork and the Bottle
  2. Overdose
  3. Bank Job
  4. Open Season
  5. A Bullet for Father Christmas
  6. Paris Green
  7. Dead Drop
  8. Egg Hunt
  9. Mightier than the Sword
  10. Kitchen Witch
  11. Parlour Game
  12. Bloody Bananas

The Day the Saucers Came

  1. Acacia Crescent
  2. Azalea Avenue
  3. Lovers’ Lane
  4. Double Feature

Hallowind Cove

  1. The Revenant of Wrecker’s Dock
  2. The Cursed Arm of Driftwood Beach
  3. The Standarounds of Twilight Gardens

Alfred and Bertha’s Marvellous Twenty-First Century Life

  1. The Four and a Half Minute Boiled Egg
  2. The Faulty Television Receiver
  3. The Tinsel-Free Christmas Tree
  4. The Three Quarters Eaten Dessert

Zane Smith and Shoushan Kariyan:

  1. The Dark Lily
  2. The Other Side of the Curtain
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