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How to make book trailers using free online services

Let me tell you a secret. When I was young, I didn’t want to be a writer. I wanted to be a film maker. Specifically, I wanted to make big budget science fiction and fantasy movies in Hollywood. I wanted … Continue reading

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A new sales channel and interview and more Bestsellerdom, this time in France

I have begun uploading my books to Smashwords, following some recent policy changes on their part. I’ve also done one of their self-serve interviews, so check it out. What is more, one of my books has hit yet another international … Continue reading

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Fun promotional images

No, Pegasus Pulp hasn’t spent big advertising dollars on billboards in Times Square and central London. Those images were all generated via a neat site called PhotoFunia. Still, they look pretty damn cool, wouldn’t you say? Send to Kindle

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Happy Holidays

We here at Pegasus Pulp wish all our readers and fans a Merry Christmas or other applicable seasonal holiday and hope that you’ll continue to enjoy our books in 2014. What can you expect from us in 2014? More Shattered … Continue reading

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Holding Back the Flood of Spam

Comment spam has been increasingly problematic for WordPress blogs. In the past few weeks, I have been getting twenty to thirty spam comments per hour. Users mostly never see them, but scanning through and deleting the spam comments (important, because … Continue reading

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Just a Test

Just testing a new anti-spam plug-in over at my personal site. Send to Kindle

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The Silencer series gets a facelift

I’ve always been very fond of my Silencer series in the style of the hero pulps of the 1930s. However, the novelettes never sold very well. But then, 1930s style pulp action is a niche genre and the readership may … Continue reading

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The FAZ hates e-books – or does it?

The Passive Voice links to this Discovery article about the information retention comparison between digital and print media carried out by the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. The article starts out with a big whine by the researchers that the … Continue reading

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June sales figures and my local library discovers e-books

Every month, I get the newsletter of the Bremen house of literature, announcing readings, book launches and other literary events in the city of Bremen. In the current edition of the newsletter, the following item caught my eye: An information … Continue reading

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More on PayPal versus Erotica

The debate over PayPal pressuring smaller retailers to stop carrying certain kinds of erotica continues. Here is a good post on the issue from erotica writer Jolene Kendry at Indie Book Writing that I missed in my last link round-up … Continue reading

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