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The July Short Story Challenge 2018 – 31 Short Stories in 31 Days

You may have noticed that there was very little blogging in July apart from links to stuff posted elsewhere. This is because for the fourth year running, I did the July short story challenge, where the objective is to write … Continue reading

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Multi-Author Speculative Fiction Promotion

Fantasy author Andrea Pearson has organised a huge speculative fiction multi-author promotion from January 10 to January 14. Over seventy authors are participating, with works ranging all across the speculative fiction spectrum, from epic and urban fantasy via paranormal romance … Continue reading

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New Twitter promo images

Inspired by Elizabeth Ann West, I decided to make some Twitter ad banners for my books, starting with the Shattered Empire and the Silencer series. Here are the images for the Shattered Empire series. The background is a spacy stock … Continue reading

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How to make book trailers using free online services

Let me tell you a secret. When I was young, I didn’t want to be a writer. I wanted to be a film maker. Specifically, I wanted to make big budget science fiction and fantasy movies in Hollywood. I wanted … Continue reading

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Fun promotional images

No, Pegasus Pulp hasn’t spent big advertising dollars on billboards in Times Square and central London. Those images were all generated via a neat site called PhotoFunia. Still, they look pretty damn cool, wouldn’t you say? Send to Kindle

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More on the paid reviews scandal, John Locke, loyalty transfer and Joe Paterno

By now the New York Times article about a “pay for customer reviews” service that I blogged about yesterday has filtered through the online writing and publishing world, so here are some more responses: At Self Publishing Review which offers … Continue reading

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“How I sold one million e-books…” revisited

First of all, Heartache is the featured new release at the Short Story Blog today. In other news, the New York Times published a lengthy article about a “pay for fake e-book reviews” service. One of the service’s patrons was … Continue reading

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New Discussions of Eternal Topics

The latest doom and gloom article comes to you courtesy the New York Times. This time around, it’s not publishing itself or the print book that’s declared dead but the mass market paperback. If mass market paperbacks were actually to … Continue reading

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Author blogging and how to do it – or not

Agent turned writer Nathan Bransford speaks out against the whole author branding mania and says that there is no such thing as personal brand on the internet. In a similar vein, J.A. Marlow tackles the myth of the author online … Continue reading

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The Pegasus Pulp flyer makes its debut

Because I attended a literary event, namely a newleaf poetry reading, tonight, I printed up a couple of Pegasus Pulp flyers to distribute at the reading. That is, I did not hand them out (because bothering audiences at somebody else’s … Continue reading

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