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The Weltbild Scandal Goes International

Remember Weltbild, the German bookstore chain owned by the Catholic church, which made some waves due to selling erotica and books on occultism, i.e. things the Catholic church does not approve of, in their brick and mortar stores? Well, it … Continue reading

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New Interview with Cora and more on Sockpuppets

I’ve been interviewed for the Sunday Spotlight at Elizabeth Baxter’s blog Small Blonde Hippy, so come on over and say hello. Links to all my interviews are archived at the interview page, by the way. Meanwhile, the sockpuppeting scandal is … Continue reading

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Sockpuppets on Sockpuppeting

No, not really. But I’m gradually running out of post titles here. Anyway, as you could gather from the title, the fake reviews scandal is still expanding and hitting the mainstream media. At The Atlantic, David Wagner points out that … Continue reading

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This ain’t no witch hunt

We’re still talking about the whole fake reviews scandal it appears. For now, Barry Eisler weighs in on the sockpuppeting and paid reviews scandal once more and though his tone is a lot more measured than that of the Joe … Continue reading

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Even more on sockpuppets and fake reviews

We’re still talking about sockpuppets and bought reviews, so here are the latest links: A group of mostly crime writers has published a sort of open letter condemning paid reviews and sockpuppeting called “No sockpuppets here, please”. Barry Eisler responds … Continue reading

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More on the paid reviews scandal, John Locke, loyalty transfer and Joe Paterno

By now the New York Times article about a “pay for customer reviews” service that I blogged about yesterday has filtered through the online writing and publishing world, so here are some more responses: At Self Publishing Review which offers … Continue reading

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War of the E-Readers – and a juicy German bookselling scandal

Apparently, Amazon is getting more aggressive about marketing the new 99 Euro Kindle in Germany. They’re even running TV ads now, something Amazon Germany has never done before, probably because they didn’t need to. Though maybe Amazon is just trying … Continue reading

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