New Twitter promo images

Inspired by Elizabeth Ann West, I decided to make some Twitter ad banners for my books, starting with the Shattered Empire and the Silencer series.

Here are the images for the Shattered Empire series. The background is a spacy stock image. And in case you’re wondering about that last title, yes, it’s coming soon.

Twitter ad Mercy Mission

Twitter ad Seedlings

Twitter ad History Lesson

Twitter ad: Debts to Pay

Twitter ad Partners in Crime

Here are the Twitter ads for the Silencer series in a somewhat gritty retro style. The background is a public domain vintage postcard of New York City run through a few Photoshop filters:

Twitter ad: Countdown to Death

Twitter ad: Flying bombs

Twitter ad: The Spiked Death

Twitter ad: Elevator of Doom

Twitter ad: The Great Fraud

Twitter ad: Mean Streets and Dead Alleys

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