The Pegasus Pulp flyer makes its debut

Because I attended a literary event, namely a newleaf poetry reading, tonight, I printed up a couple of Pegasus Pulp flyers to distribute at the reading. That is, I did not hand them out (because bothering audiences at somebody else’s event is wrong), I just put a pile on the bookstall.

A few of them were picked up and at least one person asked me if I was “the Cora from those flyers”. The leftover flyers went into the newleaf bookstall box with all the magazines and posters and bookmarks and other promo stuff for future events.

I don’t actually think that I will sell a lot of books via those flyers, but it is nice to have something to hand out during physical events. Never mind that having an actual catalogue – even if it is only a trifold flyer I whipped up in MS Word – makes Pegasus Pulp seem a lot more legit.

I have some observations about the reading itself up at the Cora Buhlert blog and there will also be a formal write-up at the newleaf website at some point.

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