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Pegasus Pulp crosses the 500 sales threshold

Late last night, Pegasus Pulp crossed the 500 sales threshold across all books and platforms. And as I did for previous milestones, here is a platform breakdown: 54.4% Amazon UK: 18.4% Amazon Germany: 13.2% Kobo: 4.2% OmniLit/AllRomance: 2% Apple: … Continue reading

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One Year of German Books

I almost missed it, but September 5 marks the one year anniversary of our German language e-book program. A year ago, we launched our German e-book with two titles as an experiment. The experiment was successful and by now our … Continue reading

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Our Two Year Anniversary

July 3rd marks the second anniversary of Pegasus Pulp, for on July 3, 2011, we opened our doors for business with 3 titles for sale. Two years later, that number has grown to 36 titles in two languages. No. 36 … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp e-books now available at Amazon Canada, a bestseller and November sales figures

Amazon really seems to be on a roll and just opened yet another new Kindle store in Canada. This really would appear to be a no-brainer, but apparently not. At any rate, Canadian readers can now buy all Pegasus Pulp … Continue reading

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October 2012 Sales Figures

I’ve got a big post about why Amazon is neither the devil nor the second coming, but merely a business partner coming up, but for now here are my October sales figures. I realized that I forgot to post them, … Continue reading

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German TV discovers indie publishing – and some sales figures

The Frankfurt Book Fair is taking place at the moment, so the amount of literature coverage on TV has gone up as well. As in previous years, e-books and e-readers are a hot topic of discussion. Tonight I chanced to … Continue reading

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More publishing doom and gloom, another bestseller and July sales figures

Ewan Morrison, self-proclaimed doomsayer of the imminent death of literature, publishing and Western culture as we know it, is at it again and informs us at the Guardian that social media does not sell books (he does have a point … Continue reading

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Our One Year Anniversary

July 3 marks the first anniversary of Pegasus Pulp Books, because we opened our doors for business exactly one year ago with three titles for sale. One year later, the list of books for sale has grown to seventeen, all … Continue reading

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June sales figures and my local library discovers e-books

Every month, I get the newsletter of the Bremen house of literature, announcing readings, book launches and other literary events in the city of Bremen. In the current edition of the newsletter, the following item caught my eye: An information … Continue reading

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Cora cracks the Italian market… and beats George R.R. Martin

Apparently, beating Ireland in the Euro 2012  (2:0 in this case*) makes readers in newer Kindle store countries eager to buy my books, for less than a week after breaking into the Spanish market, I also cracked the Italian market … Continue reading

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