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A Look Back On 1001 German Books Sold

Today, I cross the threshold of thousand German language books sold. Okay, it’s actually 1001, because sales tend to come in clumps and don’t care about round numbers or metrics. I currently have 13 German language books available with more … Continue reading

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Yet more Amazon bashing from Germany

I’ve been planning this post for a few days now, gathering links, when Amazon decided to escalate its battle with Hachette by sending a rather strange e-mail to everybody with a KDP account. At first, I actually thought this was … Continue reading

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Ideological book formatting and the NDR discovers e-books

First of all, I was interviewed today by erotic romance writer Clarissa Wild, so come on over and say hello. Here is a cautionary tale about hiring external help to bring your e-book to market. The religion-critical site Pantheos reports … Continue reading

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German TV discovers indie publishing

I’m currently in Halle on Saale (for what I’m doing there, see here) and just saw a news report about the opening of the Leipzig bookfair (which is currently taking place barely thirty kilometers from where I am and yet … Continue reading

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German TV discovers indie publishing – and some sales figures

The Frankfurt Book Fair is taking place at the moment, so the amount of literature coverage on TV has gone up as well. As in previous years, e-books and e-readers are a hot topic of discussion. Tonight I chanced to … Continue reading

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A Kindle at the Bachmann Prize

At the moment, the Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur (Days of German Language Literature) are going on in the city of Klagenfurt in Austria, where they will conclude with the awarding of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize tomorrow. Basically, the Bachmann Prize … Continue reading

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One E-Book World?

I’m still following the Frankfurt Book Fair reporting on TV. Tonight there was another mention of the indie publishing phenomenon on aspekte, a well respected cultural magazine program. This mention was shorter and a lot more negative than yesterday’s. Basically, … Continue reading

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Germany discovers Indie Publishing II

The Frankfurt Book Fair, the biggest gathering of the global publishing industry, is going on at the moment. And one consequence of book fair is a greatly increased coverage of literature and publishing topics in the media. Now that I’ve … Continue reading

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German TV almost discovers indie publishing

Visiting the web presence of Kulturzeit, a daily 40 minute TV program on culture and arts topics, I spotted the following headline: “Amazon joins ranks of book publishers.” “Huh”, I thought, “has Kulturzeit discovered indie publishing? This is gonna be … Continue reading

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