October 2012 Sales Figures

I’ve got a big post about why Amazon is neither the devil nor the second coming, but merely a business partner coming up, but for now here are my October sales figures. I realized that I forgot to post them, even though November is already more than half over.

On the Kindleboards, lots of people have been complaining about horrible October sales figures. Personally, I can’t complain, because October 2012 was my second best sales month ever, though the KDP Select crowd would probably still scream about my low sales.

In October 2012 I sold 22 e-books across all titles and platforms. That’s more than twice as many as in October 2011, though still low by many people’s standards.

The detailed breakdown is as follows:

Amazon.com: 11
Amazon UK: 1
Amazon Germany: 6
Kobo: 1
XinXii: 3

The trend I already mentioned last month that Amazon UK sales have collapsed after a good summer continues in October. Since my Amazon UK sales were horrible last autumn as well, though I didn’t realize because my sales in general were horrible, I suspect we’re dealing with a seasonal pattern here.

Meanwhile, Amazon Germany is really starting to come through for me, not least because of our new line of German language e-books. Interestingly, having German language books available also stimulates sales of English language books in Germany.

My sales at Kobo continue at a very modest level. XinXii has picked up after a few months of no sales at all. Interestingly, all three XinXii sales were for German language books.

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