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Interview with Writer Nathalie Hamidi a.k.a. Irma Geddon

Today I continue our irregular series of interviews with other indie writers and welcome Nathalie Hamidi a.k.a. Poison Godiva a.k.a. Irma Geddon to my blog. Irma is a French writer of dark fantasy and has been nice enough to answer … Continue reading

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Mixed E-Book Links of Interest

For starters, the indie versus trad publishing or maybe both debate is still going on (and will probably be for a while yet). SF writer Tobias Buckell cautions writers eager to jump into indie publishing that the big successes like … Continue reading

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KDP Select Redux

You’d think it would be old news by now, but we’re talking about KDP Select again, probably prompted by the recent Amazon announcement that KDP Select users will now receive 70% royalties for any sales in India, as opposed to … Continue reading

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June sales figures and my local library discovers e-books

Every month, I get the newsletter of the Bremen house of literature, announcing readings, book launches and other literary events in the city of Bremen. In the current edition of the newsletter, the following item caught my eye: An information … Continue reading

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Hurray for Luxembourg, Cora looks at e-readers and Barnes & Noble wakes up

I found myself at a local branch of the electronics chain Media Markt today. Mostly I was there because my Dad wanted to look at pricey Italian coffeemakers. But I also got a chance to look at the e-readers they … Continue reading

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November Sales and why you won’t find Pegasus Pulp e-books in KDP Select

First of all, I just noticed that I never posted the November sales figures. Well, they weren’t all that great. The month started out pretty well, but then sales ground to a halt with all of those Amazon promotions over … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp E-Books now available at Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain

Both indie publishers and readers found a special treat behind the first door of their advent calendars today, because Amazon has opened two more Kindle stores in Spain and Italy respectively. The most important thing about this announcement is that … Continue reading

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Why the e-book revolution is still mainly a western phenomenon

At the Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, Mark Williams, one half of the Saffina Desforges writing team, explains why 99 cent e-books often cost considerably more outside the US, namely because of the 15% VAT in the EU and the two … Continue reading

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Why we still need print books and mass market paperbacks

First of all, writer Richard Parks takes on the eternal issue of e-book pricing. Basically, he believes that “professional” e-books will remain expensive, because publishers have expenses. Fantasy writer Seanan McGuire addresses an issue that is all too often forgotten … Continue reading

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