Our One Year Anniversary

July 3 marks the first anniversary of Pegasus Pulp Books, because we opened our doors for business exactly one year ago with three titles for sale.

One year later, the list of books for sale has grown to seventeen, all of them short stories or novelettes in a variety of genres.

To celebrate, Countdown to Death, the first Silencer novelette, is available for free at XinXii with the coupon code:


How does it work? Go here, click on “Add to cart” and simply type in the coupon code when checking out.

The coupon code is valid for three days until July 6th. So pick it up, if you haven’t read the story yet and enjoy.

And some detailed breakdowns of sales figures under the cut, for those who care about such things:

In this year, Pegasus Pulp has sold 152 books across all platforms. Could be better, but I’m not complaining. Besides, most indie publishers report slow sales in the first few months up to the first year. And sales have been picking up of late.

For anyone who cares about a bit of statistics neepery, the platform breakdown is as follow:

Amazon.com: 62.5 percent
Amazon UK: 25 percent
Amazon Germany: 2 percent
Amazon Italy: 0.7 percent
Amazon Spain: 0.7 percent
OmniLit/AllRomance: 4.6 percent
XinXii: 2.5 percent
DriveThruFiction: 2 percent

The percentages haven’t changed all that much, since I did a similar platform breakdown back when I hit 100 sales. The various Amazons still dominate, whereby Amazon UK has picked up a bit compared to Amazon.com. Sales on the continental European Amazons are highly sporadic. Sales on the three smaller platform OmniLit/AllRomance, XinXii and DriveThruFiction are small and have pretty much stopped dead in the past three months. I’m still not doing KDP Select, though. Not with Kobo opening up its Writing Life portal soon. Plus, the effectiveness of KDP Select seem to have gone down significantly in the past few months.

As for the books, here is the sales ranking:

1. Outlaw Love
2. The Kiss of the Executioner’s Blade
3. Hostage to Passion
4. Rites of Passage
5. Seraglio
6. The Other Side of the Curtain
7. Flying Bombs
8. The Spiked Death
9. Countdown to Death
10. El Carnicero
11. Courier Duty and “He has come back to me…” (tie)
12. The Hidden Castle, Letters from the Dark Side and The Apocalypse Protocol (three way tie)
13. Whaler and Muse & Crisis (tie)

Outlaw Love is still my bestseller. But when I last did this breakdown back in March, it used to make up a third of all my sales, by now it has dropped to roughly a quarter. Historical fiction is still my most popular genre, though for some reason El Carnicero sells notably worse than my other historicals. Seraglio is a bit of a surprise, since I didn’t even publish it until late March, yet it has been selling steadily ever since. The Silencer stories are gradually picking up and even Courier Duty, which did not sell at all for several months, is now finding some limited success and has ceded the position of steady non-seller to Whaler, which hasn’t sold at all in seven months. But then, Courier Duty needed ten months, a cover and a title change to finally start selling.

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