December e-book sales and a look back on our first year in business

Kristine Kathryn Rusch may have some doubts whether the predicted post-Christmas e-book sales rush will happen this year, but at least as far as I am concerned the Christmas sales increase is real.

For in December 2011, I sold 17 e-books across all platforms, up from 8 in November. These figures are modest compared to what some others are selling, but nonetheless my sales more than doubled, making December 2011 our best month yet.

Here is the detailed breakdown:

Amazon US: 12
Amazon UK: 4
Amazon Germany: 1

Interestingly, I had no sales on any of the non-Amazon platforms this month, even though I did not opt into Amazon’s KDP Select program, because the exclusivity clause was a dealbreaker for me. But even though there has been a lull in the sales on other platforms in December, I still won’t grab for the dangling KDP Select carrot. First of all, the dangling carrots aren’t that entrancing (I’m not planning on making my books free and my books are not exactly the ideal choices for the Kindle lending library) and secondly, I’m planning to expand my reach to further sales platforms rather than contract it.

On the other hand, I am very pleased that December 2011 was the month where I finally shed the so-called “brown bar of shame” (because Amazon’s “There are no sales to report” message appears on a brown background) in my home territory of Amazon Germany. My single Amazon Germany sale immediately propelled me onto a genre bestseller list and I have already repeated that feat in January, with the same book even. For Hostage to Passion has hit the Amazon Germany bestseller list for English language historical romance yet again:

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