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International Bookselling News

Publishing Perspectives has two interesting articles about the book and e-book market today: First the positive: Amazon is apparently getting ready to launch a Brazilian Kindle store later this year. According to the article, e-books are only 0.5 percent of … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp E-Books now available at Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain

Both indie publishers and readers found a special treat behind the first door of their advent calendars today, because Amazon has opened two more Kindle stores in Spain and Italy respectively. The most important thing about this announcement is that … Continue reading

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War of the E-Readers – and a juicy German bookselling scandal

Apparently, Amazon is getting more aggressive about marketing the new 99 Euro Kindle in Germany. They’re even running TV ads now, something Amazon Germany has never done before, probably because they didn’t need to. Though maybe Amazon is just trying … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp e-books now available at Amazon France

All Pegasus Pulp e-books are now available at Amazon’s brand-new French Kindle store. This means that French readers can now purchase Pegasus Pulp e-books or indeed any other e-book without having to deal with the two US-dollar Amazon surcharge. Here … Continue reading

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September e-Book sales figures – and a couple of links

October has begun which means that it’s not just time for falling leaves, warmer clothes and the annual autumn fair but also for the monthly sales report. In September 2011, I sold 14 e-books across all titles and platforms, up … Continue reading

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A Big Day for e-Book News

I missed the big announcement, because I was rather busy with this little thing called “real life”, but surely you have all heard the news by now: Amazon has dropped the price of the regular Kindle to 79 US-dollars and … Continue reading

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