September e-Book sales figures – and a couple of links

October has begun which means that it’s not just time for falling leaves, warmer clothes and the annual autumn fair but also for the monthly sales report.

In September 2011, I sold 14 e-books across all titles and platforms, up from 9 in August. The detailed breakdown is as follows:

Amazon US: 11
Amazon UK: 1
Omnilit/AllRomance: 2

My sales at Amazon US, which is the biggest market by far, have more than doubled compared to August, though overall sales are still low. But then, it is well known that most self-published e-books sell in low numbers in the first few months, then sales pick up. What is more, the best way to increase sales is to get more work out there.

I certainly followed that particular bit of advice, because I published two more novelettes in September, bringing the total number of available Pegasus Pulp titles up to 8.

My bestselling story continues to be Outlaw Love, which makes up a third of all books I sold so far. I have no idea why that particular story seems to sell so much better than all the others, particularly since Outlaw Love is the only story I have for sale that was not previously published, because the market for lesbian western short fiction is very limited.

There have also been a few new posts and developments on the hot topics of the day:

Paul Jessup is rather underwhelmed by Amazon‘s recent Kindle announcement, because – as he points out – neither the Kindle Fire nor the Kindle Touch are exactly innovative, since both copy existing Nook models sold by Barnes & Noble. I hadn’t really made the connection, but then I don’t pay attention to Barnes & Noble, because I can neither buy their stuff nor sell my stuff with them anyway. Come to think of it, it is telling that the Kindle Fire and Touch are only sold in the US, i.e. the only country where Barnes & Noble are a serious competitor to Amazon.

Jeff Vandermeer and his invisible pal Evil Monkey respond to J.M. McDermott’s posts about the digital future of publishing at SF Signal and on McDermott’s own site.

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