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More Anti-Amazon reporting, this time from Austria

I’m a regular viewer of the Austrian TV program Kulturmontag (Cultural Monday), though I watch the 3sat repeat entitled lebensart (Way of Life), probably because the repeat is broadcast on a Saturday rather than Monday. But whatever the title, Kulturmontag/lebensart … Continue reading

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Indies take all top ten spots at Amazon Germany

The German blog Self-Publisher-Bibel (title says it all, really) reports that on January 29, 2014 all top ten spots in the German Kindle store were taken by indie books and has a screenshot to prove it. The first trad pub … Continue reading

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New German short story available – Neue Kurzgeschichte auf Deutsch erhältlich: Die Liebe in den Zeiten des Frischkornmüslis

I told you that there would be more new release announcements in the time leading up to the holidays and here is another, this time for the German edition of Love in the Times of the Macrobiotic Müsli. In case … Continue reading

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Kindle spotted at Real supermarket

Today I was grocery shopping at our local real supermarket, a K-Mart/Wal-Mart type grocery plus cheap department store here in Germany. I found myself in the magazine and book department, when – lo and behold – I spotted a brand-new … Continue reading

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Our E-Book Pricing Policy

At Dear Author, Jane Litte goes into the ever contentious subject of e-book pricing and points out that limited time free or 99 cent promotional prices can backfire or are at least not nearly as effective as they once were. … Continue reading

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A German Language Bestseller in Germany

With my English language titles, I’ve hit category bestseller lists at Amazon.de a few times now. Hitting a foreign language bestseller list is fairly easy, because the categories are small and not very busy, so even one or two sales … Continue reading

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Kindle spotted at Media Markt

First of all, I’ve got a plug, for the good folks at DriveThruFiction are currently offering the Read and Feed America 2013 charity bundle, which collects more than thirty e-books from various, including my own Countdown to Death. You get … Continue reading

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One Year of German Books

I almost missed it, but September 5 marks the one year anniversary of our German language e-book program. A year ago, we launched our German e-book with two titles as an experiment. The experiment was successful and by now our … Continue reading

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Ideological book formatting and the NDR discovers e-books

First of all, I was interviewed today by erotic romance writer Clarissa Wild, so come on over and say hello. Here is a cautionary tale about hiring external help to bring your e-book to market. The religion-critical site Pantheos reports … Continue reading

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New short story: Love in the Times of the Macrobiotic Müsli

Those of you who would like to see more German set stories will hopefully enjoy our latest offering. For Love in the Times of a Macrobiotic Müsli is set in Germany, West Germany to be exact, in 1982. Now the … Continue reading

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