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The New Pulp Fiction

About one and a half months ago, I wrote a post comparing the rise of indie publishing with the age of the pulps in the first half of the 20th century, since both eras were characterized by the writing and … Continue reading

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March 2012 e-book sales figures and a couple of neat links

First of all, I’ve been interviewed by writer Jess C. Scott at her site. What is more, a new month has begun, which means that it’s time for the monthly sales figures. In March, e-book sales picked up a little … Continue reading

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2011 – Year of the Indie

2011 has been quite a year for me. I began looking into indie publishing around January/February of 2011 and launched Pegasus Pulp Publishing on July 3, 2011, with three books. Now, almost half a year later, I have twelve books … Continue reading

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Why pay good money for something you can do yourself?

Today’s big news is that Penguin, one of the so-called “big six” publishers, is launching a self-publishing service called Book Country, which offers authors such services as formatting, conversion, cover design, upload, etc… for the low fee of between 99 … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing Links for the Day of German Unity

October 3 is the Day of German Unity, which commemorates the German reunification on October 3, 1990. Since it’s a fairly new holiday and one that never really had an emotional connection for many people (I explain why here), there … Continue reading

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Now computers are writing fiction – is this the death of publishing?

Expect my August sales figures as well as a new story in the next few days. But for now, here is another linkdump. And sorry about the melodramatic headline, but if it gets me views and people who buy books, … Continue reading

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Nomenclatura, sales and non-fiction e-books

Paul Jessup really doesn’t like the term “indie publishing”. I’m not overly happy with the term “indie publishing” myself, but that seems to be the term that has become established. Nor do I really understand the strong objections to the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Sales, Promotion and Strategy

The blog feed on my Amazon.com author page is now working. Though I’m syndicating the posts from my main blog, because that’s where most of the action is. Talking of action, my Mary Sue post from yesterday got quite a … Continue reading

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Indie publishing, traditional publishing or both?

First of all, a brief housekeeping note. I have added links to the dedicated e-book pages on the bibliography page, because I noticed that a lot of visitors only click on the bibliography and not on the e-book pages. This … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing Cheer and Indie Publishing Gloom and Doom

Indie Publishing Cheer: The latest sacred cow of publishing slain by Dean Wesley Smith is the myth that you cannot make money writing fiction. Because you can, via what Dean Wesley Smith calls the “magic bakery”, that is your entire … Continue reading

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