March 2012 e-book sales figures and a couple of neat links

First of all, I’ve been interviewed by writer Jess C. Scott at her site.

What is more, a new month has begun, which means that it’s time for the monthly sales figures. In March, e-book sales picked up a little after a truly dismal February. They could still be a lot better though.

As a result, I sold 11 e-books across all platforms in March 2012. The detailed breakdown is as follows: 5
Amazon UK: 4
OmniLit/AllRomance e-books: 2

And now for some neat links:

There is some more sales stats analysis at Adventures in E-Publishing, where fantasy author Derek J. Canyon analyzes what self-published authors who report more than 50000 e-books sold have in common.

Dean Wesley Smith discusses indie publishing economics as well as short term and long term thinking among indie writers.

SFF writer Richard Parks has a great post about the ever changing literary scene and how even reaching ones goals usually doesn’t take one exactly where you want to be.

Bob Mayer shares the secret handshake for indie publishing success.

Agent/writer Nathan Bransford takes on the question whether digital self-publishing is a bubble and answer no, it isn’t.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports about some very young self-publishers, namely kids in their teens.

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