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Our Six Year Anniversary

July 3 marks Pegasus Pulp’s six year anniversary, so it’s time for another overview post. In those six years, our catalogue has grown to 109 titles in two languages. In other news, I’m currently trying for a repeat of the … Continue reading

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New Release: St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen, a Silencer Christmas novella

I promised you more new release announcements in the run up to the holidays and here is number 2. This one is for St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen, a Silencer Christmas novella. Now I’ve always been fond of the Silencer … Continue reading

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A few words on VAT and pricing

As you may or may not know, from January 1 on, the European Union has changed the way that VAT (value added tax, similar to sales tax in the US) is calculated for cross-border transactions, including online sales. Previously, VAT … Continue reading

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Indie publishing, Politics and the Future of the Novel

Kristine Kathryn Rusch offers a brilliant take on Ewan Morrison’s screed that there will be no more professional writers in the future. I already skewered that particular missive by Mr Morrison here. If Morrison keeps this up, he’ll need his … Continue reading

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Talk like a pirate, vote like a pirate, read like a pirate

Arr, it be International Talk like a Pirate Day and at least in Germany, pirates have gone respectable and even entered the Berlin city parliament, as I blogged yesterday. As for our political pirates, Der Spiegel, National Public Radio and … Continue reading

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