Our Five Year Anniversary

July 3 marks Pegasus Pulp‘s five year anniversary, therefore I should theoretically make another big posts breaking down sales according to vendor and books. However, we crossed the 2000 lifetime sales mark less than a month ago and the percentages haven’t changed that much since then, so if you want to know how we’re doing, just check out that post.

I also hoped to have a new release to announce in time for the anniversary, but while I do have a new book – No. 4 in my Alfred and Bertha’s Marvellous Twenty-First Century Life series of science fiction parodies – currently making its way through the various vendors, it’s not actually available everywhere yet, so I don’t want to officially announce it yet. However, if you’re an ardent Alfred and Bertha fan (and they do have very enthusiastic fans), you can check out the dedicated book page here.

Meanwhile, I’m also trying for a repeat of last year’s July short story challenge, which was to write a short story per day in July, i.e. 31 stories and 31 days. It’s the early days yet, but so far I got three short stories out of this, all of them quite god.

So it’s ever onwards for us here at Pegasus Pulp.


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