New Charity Anthology Available: For Whom the Bell Trolls, edited by John L. Monk and Lindy Moone

April Fool’s Day is already over in my part of the world, but I still have a new release to announce, because I have a story in the charity anthology For Whom the Bell Trolls, edited by John L. Monk and Lindy Moone.

For Whom the Bell Trolls, edited by John L. Monk and Lindy Moone

For Whom the Bell TrollsFunny, touching, suspenseful—sometimes romantic, titillating and shocking—there’s something for all adult readers in this unique illustrated anthology from 23 authors. Arranged from light to meaty fare, the antrollogy’s “menu” offers up fanciful and farcical stories, family-oriented tales, romance, mystery, high peak adventure, even magically surreal literary stories—starring all sorts of trolls, from the all-too-real Internet variety to the mythical mountain and bridge-dwelling trolls of legend. Readers will laugh nervously at Humphrey the half-breed’s unfortunate beginnings, and bite their nails on behalf of Fergus Underbridge, hard-boiled troll detective. They’ll cheer a not-so-ordinary troll-fighting girl and want to hug—or slap—a woman lost in her own neighborhood. And whatever should be done about the boy with the head of a dragon…?

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As the title and blurb suggest, this is an anthology or rather an antrollogy about trolls, mostly of the mythological kind. Here, editor and illustrator Lindy Moone talks about the project, while fellow contributor Victoria Leybourne talks a bit about her story here.

My story in this anthology is called “Troll Dating”. It’s the tale of Isnogrod, a very modern troll (even though he lives in a cave in Iceland), who goes looking for love on the Internet and eventually finds it much closer to home.

As mentioned above, For Whom the Bell Trolls is a charity anthology, which means that all proceeds go to Equality Now, an organisation that fights discrimnation of and violence against women worldwide.

Isnogrod, the troll, very much agrees with this, since Joss Whedon is a prominent supporter of Equality Now and Isnogrod is a huge fan of The Avengers. He even writes Loki/Hulk slash – and no, the story doesn’t include a sample.

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