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Indie Publishing Link Round-up

Here is yet another “Wah – the book is dead and western culture is dying along with it” article, this time by one Ewan Morrison. The Guardian seems to have cornered the market in doom and gloom articles about the … Continue reading

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The Pricing Issue

Zoe Winters speaks out against pricing all e-books regardless of length at 99 cents. I very much agree with her. 99 cents is a great price for short stories and for limited promotions. But permanently selling a novella or even … Continue reading

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Amazon’s e-book pricing hurts international customers

David Gaughran, an Irish indie author living in Sweden, offers this must-read post about Amazon adding a two dollar surcharge for international e-book customers. This two dollar surcharge applies to e-books purchased in all countries except the USA, UK, Canada, … Continue reading

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Cora becomes internet famous – and some indie publishing links

My main blog at www.corabuhlert.com experience a huge visitor avalanche and got as many views in two days (and one of those days is not yet half over) as in the previous three months. The reason why is explained here … Continue reading

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