Children of the Stone Gods

Children of the Stone Gods by Cora BuhlertThis is a collection of seven tales on the borderline of science fiction and fantasy. Seven stories of lost worlds, where carcasses of crashed spaceships litter the landscape and science and technology have long turned into myth and legend.

Enter a world of sacrifices and stone gods, where people live in the hulls of the great space arks that brought their ancestors to this planet, where four-armed assassins ply their trade and wandering priests warn of great cataclysms, where gods lie sleeping inside mountains and strange lights shine in the sky by night.

This is a collection of seven short science fiction tales of 12000 words or approximately 40 print pages altogether.

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More information:

  • Children of the Stone Gods is a collection of seven short science fiction stories of 12000 words altogether. All stories in this collection are digital premieres and have never been published previously.
  • Six of the seven stories contained in this collection were written as part of the July short story challenge. The idea was to write a short story per day in July 2015.
  • Thematically, all of these stories are planetary romances set in worlds colonised by humans who have lost both their technology and contact with Earth and who have forgotten their origins altogether. Many of the stories deal with people stumbling over the technology left behind by their ancestors.
  • Six of the seven stories in this collection were inspired by various pieces of artwork, mostly science fiction and fantasy artwork, but also a Salvador Dalí painting. The artworks which inspired the stories are (click on the link to see the picture): Sacrifice to the Kitayu, The Heart of Me-Cha, Consummate Professional, Children of the Stone Gods, The Woman at the Heart of the Steel Caves and Witchfire.
  • The sole exception is “The River Stole the Gods”, which was inspired by one of Chuck Wendig’s writing prompts, in this case the line: “The river stole the gods”
  • The cover is stock art by the talented Angela Harburn.
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