Dream Job

Dream JobFlight attendant used to be her dream job. But for Tania, that dream has long turned into a nightmare of long working hours, lots of stress and rude passengers. Then, one day during a flight taking holidaymakers to Mallorca, Tania decides that she has had enough…





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Some background information:

  • Dream Job is a short story of 3300 words. This story may also be found in the collection Flights of Madness.
  • Dream Job was specifically written for the Flights of Madness collection. I figured that since I already had three stories about passengers gone crazy and one story about a pilot gone crazy, the only thing that was missing was a story about a flight attendant gone crazy. Especially since flight attendants have more than enough reason to flip out.
  • The Spanish island of Mallorca, where the plane is headed, is a popular destination for sun-hungry package tourists from Germany, the Netherlands and Britain and also has the tendency to attract the sort of traveler who thinks that binge drinking and partying is the definition of a great holiday.
  • The drunken lads on board of Tania’s plane also drink Heineken. Since I fly a lot of KLM, which serves Heineken on board (or used to), I guess it’s the brand I associate most with obnoxious drunkards on planes.
  • The “wanker on the toilet” incident was inspired by something that happened at school, when a seventh grade student returned from a toilet break and informe me, “Ms. Buhlert, there is semen on the toilet seat.” Unlike Tania, however, I was not forced to clean up the mess, that fell onto the shoulders of our hard working cleaning ladies.
  • The cover photo was taken by Scottish photographer Piotr Janoch.
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