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I’m not a content-creating brand: Two additions to yesterday’s post

I have a couple of additions to yesterday’s post: First of all, Kristine Kathryn Rusch dissects the Mike Shatzkin post I linked to yesterday. Interestingly, I had not made the connection between Shatzkin’s “content-creating brands” and indie authors, partly because … Continue reading

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A Big Day for e-Book News

I missed the big announcement, because I was rather busy with this little thing called “real life”, but surely you have all heard the news by now: Amazon has dropped the price of the regular Kindle to 79 US-dollars and … Continue reading

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Why we still need print books and mass market paperbacks

First of all, writer Richard Parks takes on the eternal issue of e-book pricing. Basically, he believes that “professional” e-books will remain expensive, because publishers have expenses. Fantasy writer Seanan McGuire addresses an issue that is all too often forgotten … Continue reading

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Talk like a pirate, vote like a pirate, read like a pirate

Arr, it be International Talk like a Pirate Day and at least in Germany, pirates have gone respectable and even entered the Berlin city parliament, as I blogged yesterday. As for our political pirates, Der Spiegel, National Public Radio and … Continue reading

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Author versus Publisher – the Female Edition

In the past week, there have been some interesting developments in the field of author versus publisher conflicts with agents caught in the middle. All of the current conflicts involve female writers for some reason: A literary agent responds to … Continue reading

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New Release: Hostage to Passion

I have a new release to announce, Hostage to Passion, a historical novelette featuring pirates, battles at sea, swordfights, some ripped bodices, a five page sex scene and lots of romantic conflict. This is the first part of a two-part … Continue reading

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New Discussions of Eternal Topics

The latest doom and gloom article comes to you courtesy the New York Times. This time around, it’s not publishing itself or the print book that’s declared dead but the mass market paperback. If mass market paperbacks were actually to … Continue reading

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Author blogging and how to do it – or not

Agent turned writer Nathan Bransford speaks out against the whole author branding mania and says that there is no such thing as personal brand on the internet. In a similar vein, J.A. Marlow tackles the myth of the author online … Continue reading

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Of Art and Money

Dean Wesley Smith dismantles the “Write whatever is the hot and trendy thing” myth with his usual panache. I don’t always agree with Dean Wesley Smith, but I found this post very common sense really. Don’t worry about trends, write … Continue reading

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August Sales Figures and El Carnicero

First of all, it’s time for the August sales figures. In August 2011 I sold 9 e-books across all platforms, down from 15 in July. The detailed breakdown is as follows: Amazon US: 5 Amazon UK: 3 XinXii: 1 Those … Continue reading

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