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A German Perspective on Serials and Novellas

One effect of the e-book revolution in the English speaking world has been a resurgence in the popularity of short stories, novellas and serialized fiction. I already wrote a couple of posts about this topic, which you can find here, … Continue reading

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Yet more Amazon bashing from Germany

I’ve been planning this post for a few days now, gathering links, when Amazon decided to escalate its battle with Hachette by sending a rather strange e-mail to everybody with a KDP account. At first, I actually thought this was … Continue reading

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Some prime Amazon bashing from Germany

Amazon currently isn’t too popular because of its negotiations tactics with the publishers Hachette in the US and Bonnier in Germany. Now a lot of pixels have already been wasted on discussing the conflict between Amazon on the one side … Continue reading

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Trad Pub Fail

Now I’m not one of those indie authors who are always slamming traditional publishers. After all, I bought and continue to buy many of the books they publish. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to suppress the snark. I’m currently … Continue reading

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Ideological book formatting and the NDR discovers e-books

First of all, I was interviewed today by erotic romance writer Clarissa Wild, so come on over and say hello. Here is a cautionary tale about hiring external help to bring your e-book to market. The religion-critical site Pantheos reports … Continue reading

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Old Mommark and the eight hour e-book challenge

On Thursday, Joe Konrath published a guest post by cozy mystery writer Tim Myers. At the end of the post, Joe Konrath also launched the eight hour e-book challenge. Basically, the idea is to write, edit/proof, format, create the cover … Continue reading

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The E-Book Revolution and the P-word

At The Atlantic, Noah Berlatzky takes on the problem of erotica e-books being big moneymakers on the one hand, but something of an embarrassment for many retailers on the other. He also addresses the recent problem of Amazon randomly filtering … Continue reading

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Do we have a New Pulp Fiction and do we need one?

Last year, I wrote a trio of posts about the resurgence of pulp fiction and the “anything goes” spirit of the pulp era thanks to the electronic publishing revolution. You can find them here, here and here. Now the New … Continue reading

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Mixed E-Book Links of Interest

For starters, the indie versus trad publishing or maybe both debate is still going on (and will probably be for a while yet). SF writer Tobias Buckell cautions writers eager to jump into indie publishing that the big successes like … Continue reading

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The Great Indie Publishing War of 2013

It all started at Salon, when a writer called John Winters stated that he was a self-publishing failure and also likened self-publishing to masturbation, which naturally did not go down all that well with many indie writers. Never mind that … Continue reading

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