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The Renaissance of Short Fiction Revisited

Back in February, I wrote a post on this blog about how the internet and the e-book revolution have brought about a renaissance of short fiction. Since so far, all of our e-books here at Pegasus Pulp are either short … Continue reading

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Yet more on the paid and fake reviews uproar

The uproar that the true secret behind John Locke’s remarkable e-book sales was that Locke paid for reviews is still going on. I already blogged about the paid reviews scandal and what remains of John Locke’s advice one year later … Continue reading

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Sue Grafton, Ewan Morrison and the latest indie publishing uproars

Mystery author Sue Grafton caused a minor uproar in indie publishing land, when she called self-publishing “the lazy option” in an interview with the Louisville Gazette, her hometown paper. The original interview is here and here is the relevant quote: … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing Link Round-up

Here is yet another “Wah – the book is dead and western culture is dying along with it” article, this time by one Ewan Morrison. The Guardian seems to have cornered the market in doom and gloom articles about the … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing Cheer and Indie Publishing Gloom and Doom

Indie Publishing Cheer: The latest sacred cow of publishing slain by Dean Wesley Smith is the myth that you cannot make money writing fiction. Because you can, via what Dean Wesley Smith calls the “magic bakery”, that is your entire … Continue reading

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Some responses to that Wall Street Journal article

Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes a great response to that Wall Street Journal article I linked to yesterday. David Gaughran offers another great takedown of the Wall Street Journal piece. He also has a series on indie publishing for international writers … Continue reading

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The mainstream media discovers indie publishing and is not amused

The explosion of digital indie and self-publishing (no one seems quite sure what to call it yet) has also caught the attention of the mainstream media, as evidenced by a couple of articles that have appeared recently. At the Guardian, … Continue reading

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