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The German Fixed Book Price Agreement

Today, someone at the Kindleboards pointed out an extensive article about the rise of Amazon at the US political magazine The Nation. It’s a good article, but while I was at The Nation site, something else caught my eye, namely … Continue reading

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Write Fast, Publish Hard: Indie Publishing and the New Pulp Era

Whether you’ve hung out here for a while or whether this is your first visit, you will have noticed that I called my imprint “Pegasus Pulp” and that our tagline is: “Pulp with a Literary Sensibility”. So what’s behind that … Continue reading

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New book trailer for “The Apocalypse Protocol”

I’ve been playing around with xtranormal again and made a book trailer for The Apocalypse Protocol. You can see it below the cut. And of course, you can always watch all of my book trailers at the videos page. Send … Continue reading

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New Book Trailer for Muse & Crisis

Yesterday’s interview with Ty Johnston has been linked by the Charles Tan a.k.a. the Bibliophile Stalker. What is more, I also have a new book trailer for you today. It’s for Muse & Crisis and you can watch it below … Continue reading

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It’s Interview Time Again

I am interviewed by fantasy and horror author Ty Johnston at his blog today. Of all the interviews I’ve done so far, this one was my favourite, so come on over and say hello. Send to Kindle

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Will the rise of e-books kill off genre fiction?

If you’ve spent any time at all hanging out in the online science fiction and fantasy community, you will have noticed that SFF fans are always debating about something. Usually, they’re cycling through the same five topics or so every … Continue reading

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April e-book sales figures and a signal boost

Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog has been hacked and infected with malware mere hours after she posted the latest installment in her Business Rusch series on royalty statements and problematic accounting practices in the publishing industry. A second, unconnected blog where … Continue reading

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A new release just in time for Mayday: Muse & Crisis

As hinted yesterday on the main blog, I have a new e-book available. It’s called Muse & Crisis and is a bumper edition of two fantasy short stories, which both deal with the themes of creativity, inspiration and artistic demons. … Continue reading

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