He never brings me flowers…

He never brings me flowers...He never brings me flowers…

Waiting for your boyfriend to finally come home from work can be hell, especially if it’s your anniversary and you suspect he forgot – again. But does the ringing of the doorbell promise roses and sex and the long overdue proposal or something far more sinister?

Lovers’ Ridge

A foundling, a newborn, abandoned and left to die. But tonight, he will have his revenge on the parents who deserted him. Tonight, they will pay, at the very place where the story once began, at Lovers’ Ridge…

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More information:

  • He never brings me flowers… is a short story of 1700 words, Lovers’ Ridge is a story of 1400 words. Both stories is also available as part of the collection Murder in the Family along with seven other short crime stories.
  • “Lovers’ Ridge” was originally written in response to a “How to…” prompt in a creative writing class I took in my second semester at university. Indeed, the original title was “How to kill your parents”. I changed the title during a later revision. Coincidentally, “Lovers’ Ridge” is also one of my oldest published stories, originally written sometime in the early 1990s, though it has been through several rounds of revisions since then.
  • “He never brings me flowers” was the first story of mine that “killed a market” so to say. That is, I sold “He never brings me flowers” to a magazine called Moonletters, which folded before they could print the story, hence the story killed the market.
  • I honestly did not notice the parallel rose motif in “He never brings me flowers” and “Lovers’ Ridge” until I read both stories back to back while getting the collection Murder in the Family ready for publication. It’s even the same number of roses in both stories, though the roses in “He never brings me flowers” are red, while those in “Lovers’ Ridge” are white.
  • The cover is a stock photo by Brazilian photographer Fernando Weberich.
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