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New science fiction short story available: Whaler

Even though the last week has been rather chaotic, I have a new short story available. It’s the first science fiction story published under the Pegasus Pulp imprint and represents my take on a genre trope I really can’t stand, … Continue reading

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Why the e-book revolution is still mainly a western phenomenon

At the Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, Mark Williams, one half of the Saffina Desforges writing team, explains why 99 cent e-books often cost considerably more outside the US, namely because of the 15% VAT in the EU and the two … Continue reading

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How SFnal is Spy Fiction?

The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin has a very insightful post about the connection between science fiction (and urban fantasy for that matter) and classic spy fiction, which draws on Darko Suvin‘s theory of cognitive estrangement, as outlined in Metamorphoses … Continue reading

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War of the E-Readers – and a juicy German bookselling scandal

Apparently, Amazon is getting more aggressive about marketing the new 99 Euro Kindle in Germany. They’re even running TV ads now, something Amazon Germany has never done before, probably because they didn’t need to. Though maybe Amazon is just trying … Continue reading

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Why pay good money for something you can do yourself?

Today’s big news is that Penguin, one of the so-called “big six” publishers, is launching a self-publishing service called Book Country, which offers authors such services as formatting, conversion, cover design, upload, etc… for the low fee of between 99 … Continue reading

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Two Brief Announcements

All Pegasus Pulp e-books are now available in various formats at DriveThruFiction. Check them out, particularly if you’re into RPGs. Pegasus Pulp fantasy books are now also listed at Paranormal Indies. Send to Kindle

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Pegasus Pulp e-books now available DriveThruFiction

Nope, I’m not going to get into the whole indie versus traditional publishing debate going on right now, complete with namecalling on both sides. It’s an ugly discussion and utterly unnecessary, because no one ever said that it had to … Continue reading

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October sales and some observations about the German e-book market

First of all, here are my October sales figures. In October 2011, I sold 8 e-books across all platforms. The detailed breakdown is as follows: Amazon US: 5 Amazon UK: 1 OmniLit/AllRomance ebooks: 2 This makes October a miserable month, … Continue reading

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