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Charles Stross is wise on e-books – and a free book

Charles Stross has an interesting post about how e-books are not like print books and how those differences can and do affect marketing and reader tastes. I don’t agree with everything he says – e.g. I find the idea of … Continue reading

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Will the rise of e-books kill off genre fiction?

If you’ve spent any time at all hanging out in the online science fiction and fantasy community, you will have noticed that SFF fans are always debating about something. Usually, they’re cycling through the same five topics or so every … Continue reading

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Indie publishing, traditional publishing or both?

First of all, a brief housekeeping note. I have added links to the dedicated e-book pages on the bibliography page, because I noticed that a lot of visitors only click on the bibliography and not on the e-book pages. This … Continue reading

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