A Number 1 bestseller at Amazon Germany

Heiligabend im Café zum Lila Kakadu, the German edition of Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café, is still selling like hotcakes at Amazon DE (as well as a little at Kobo – I won’t know tolino sales figures until next month).

And now the story has even hit No. 1 in the lesbian fiction subcategory at Amazon DE:

Of course, I also took a screen shot of this momentous occasion:

Amazon DE screenshot

This is not the first time I have hit No. 1 on an Amazon subcategory bestseller list BTW. About two years ago, I was No. 1 in English language epic fantasy at Amazon France for about five minutes.

However, unlike my shortlived Amazon France success, Heiligabend im Café zum Lila Kakadu has legs and has been in the top 5 of the lesbian fiction category since it’s release last Friday.

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