Why Pegasus Pulp e-books won’t be available via Kindle Unlimited

You’ve probably already heard about Kindle Unlimited, the new e-book subscription service Amazon unveiled today.

Alas, Pegasus Pulp e-books won’t be among the 600000 e-books and audio books available to borrow via Kindle Unlimited. The reason is that including our e-books in the Kindle Unlimited library would require us to enter them into Amazon’s KDP Select programme which requires exclusivity and would force us to remove our books from the other 68 retailers, where they are currently available.

I already explained back in November 2011 when KDP Select was first launched why Pegasus Pulp e-books won’t be included in the program. Those reasons still apply. I don’t have a problem wit subscription services per se, but the exclusivity requirement of KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited is a dealbreaker for me, as is the US-centricity of the program (Kindle Unlimited is currently only available in the US).

Of course, you can still purchase our e-books via the regular Amazon Kindle store in your territory. If you are interested in Pegasus Pulp e-books and prefer to read via a subscription model, I’d like to refer you to Scribd, a service that is similar to Kindle Unlimited and does not require exclusivity. Plus, a Scribd subscription is one US-dollar cheaper per month and offers a free trial. What is more, Scribd pays indie authors a set royalty per book, whereas Kindle Unlimited pays a share of a lump sum, to be divided among all authors.

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