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Amazon versus Thalia revisited or Why brick and mortar bookstores are losing customers?

Two year ago on this blog, I compared the quality of service and particularly delivery speed of Amazon and Thalia.de, the online store of Germany’s biggest bookstore chain. Back then, Amazon won that comparison hands down and indeed I only … Continue reading

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Tolino passes Kindle – or does it?

This Friday, the news dropped that the Tolino, an e-reader developed and marketed by an alliance of several German, Austrian, Swiss and soon Dutch booksellers, had passed Amazon’s Kindle with regard to market share. According to the report, Tolino now … Continue reading

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More Anti-Amazon reporting, this time from Austria

I’m a regular viewer of the Austrian TV program Kulturmontag (Cultural Monday), though I watch the 3sat repeat entitled lebensart (Way of Life), probably because the repeat is broadcast on a Saturday rather than Monday. But whatever the title, Kulturmontag/lebensart … Continue reading

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Kindle spotted at Media Markt

First of all, I’ve got a plug, for the good folks at DriveThruFiction are currently offering the Read and Feed America 2013 charity bundle, which collects more than thirty e-books from various, including my own Countdown to Death. You get … Continue reading

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Amazon versus Thalia – A Comparison

I’ve been an enthusiastic customer of Amazon.com and later Amazon Germany from the time I got onto the Internet on, because Amazon gave me access to the English language genre fiction I loved to read without having to special order … Continue reading

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E-Readers in the Wild at the Mall

On Saturday, I was with my Dad at the Roland Center, a fairly big mall here in Bremen. And since I was at the mall already, I of course hit the book stores. The foreign language section at the Thalia … Continue reading

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International Bookselling News

Publishing Perspectives has two interesting articles about the book and e-book market today: First the positive: Amazon is apparently getting ready to launch a Brazilian Kindle store later this year. According to the article, e-books are only 0.5 percent of … Continue reading

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October sales and some observations about the German e-book market

First of all, here are my October sales figures. In October 2011, I sold 8 e-books across all platforms. The detailed breakdown is as follows: Amazon US: 5 Amazon UK: 1 OmniLit/AllRomance ebooks: 2 This makes October a miserable month, … Continue reading

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