Seraglio is a bestseller in Italy

Seraglio is one of our perennially most popular titles. It frequently hangs out on a sub-subgenre bestseller list at and has now also hit two top 100 lists at Amazon Italy.

Okay, so I have no idea why Seraglio is classified as a “biography, memoir or diary” in Italy, since it is neither. But then, most of the books in the “biography, memoir or diary” category at Amazon Italy are actually novels. I took a casual look and spotted Joyo Moyes, Stephen King (and not On Writing either), Ian McEwan, Gone Girl and The Little Prince there.

However, being a top 3 bestseller in the action and adventure category is certainly encouraging. Number 1 in that category is Jeffrey Archer’s A Prisoner of Birth, by the way, number 2 is Need to Know, a comedy thriller by fellow indie author Christine Merrill.

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