An Interview with Cora and German Perspectives on Indie Publishing

First of all, I was interviewed by fellow writer Michelle Muckley at her blog, so come on over and say hello.

What is more, the joint German/Austrian/Swiss cultural TV programme Kulturzeit ran a report about indie publishing from a German POV today. The video link is here, the text of the report is here.

The report is overly skeptical about the internet (piracy is rarely much of an issue for indies) and still very much tied to the traditional publishing model, but then indie publishing is still in its infancy in Germany, along with e-books. Amanda Hocking is mentioned, of course, but the report also features two German indie writers. The first is Jonas Winner, a German trad author turned indie. Winner’s big indie success Berlin Gothic is a serialized thriller, by the way. They also feature indie comic creator Daniel Lieske, whose online graphic novel Wormworld Saga may be found here. And by the way, Kulturzeit, it’s not cool to talk about people who make their living on the web without including the relevant links on your website. I took the time to google both writers, but others will not.

Though I love the term “Literarische Ich-AG” that Kulturzeit uses to designate indie writers. So much that I may borrow it, because neither “indie writer” nor “self-publisher” really works in German.

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